L'AnTenne : listening and prevention system

Visits from the social worker, educational support, prevention, listening and guidance.

All the support services available to Centrale Méditerranée students at the AnTenne.


L'AnTenne is a listening and prevention centre available to all Centrale students in need of educational support, advice, and guidance.


  • Plot 2 on the middle floor ;
  • Member staff and teachers are identifiable by yellow buttons visible at the entrance to their offices.


  • A partnership for priority medical-psychological appointments at an approved practice in the city centre. Appointments can be made by email or through Doctolib.
  • Face-to-face interviews by psychologists covered by Centrale Méditerranée.
  • A preventive group consisting of faculty and students who have received training to receive confidential feedback and to guide individuals to the appropriate resources if necessary.
  • Information and prevention sessions run by professionals (legal, social, etc.) for students and staff are organised on a regular basis. 
  • Access  to documentation.


  • On campus
  • The members of l'AnTenne can be contacted by email or phone. (cf. Contents: "Contact us")


  • Sur site : identifiés grâce au macaron jaune à l'entrée des bureaux des membres.
  • By email or telephone by searching for a member (list in the following section) in the ENT directory.
  • Via Messenger on the Facebook page.

Prevention group

L’École has set up a prevention group made up of teaching and administrative staff who work with students daily and of students who are elected representatives of the school's bodies and associations.

This team acquires consistent education in recognizing, attentively hearing, and advising students.

Élèves membres
  • Oria Antoine - Responsible prévention BDS
  • Quentin Burger - Responsible prévention BDE
  • Mathias Buée - President BDE
  • Rémi Chabo - President UA
  • Julio de Dios - Responsible prévention Bar’bu
  • Simon Delclaux - President BDA
  • Alessia Dubois - Active member
  • Emilie Faugere - President BDS
  • Clarisse Francese - Co-resposible Centr’arcenciel
  • Suzanne Kandel - Vice-President ISF
  • Inès Kebbab - Responsible Femin’ISF
  • Lila Lenoël - Active member
  • Emma Luque - Responsible prevention Farigoule 
  • Lumia Marty - Co-responsible Femin’ISF
  • Jeanne Ménager - Vice-President BDE
  • Lola Perdrix - Communication BDA
  • Louise Pouilly - Active member
  • Mathis Schultz -Active member
  • Matteo Sigaud - Active member
  • Clara Sorre - President ICM
  • Jézabel Cholin - Ex-vice-president BDE
  • Grégoire Dusseux - Ex-président ISF
  • Mila Guerin - Ex-responsible Femin'ISF
  • Agathe Rabachou - Ex-presidente UA
  • Morgane Roy - Ex-co-responsible Centr'arcenciel
Staff members


  • Fatima Belabbas (Jetée - bureau 113)
  • Nathalie PASCAL (Jetée - bureau 133)
  • Alice Rageot (Jetée - bureau 115)

International relations

  • Nathalie Briffa (Jetée - bureau 141)
  • Marianne Gonssard (Jetée  - bureau 141)

Dean’s office

  • Marie Barthès-Vetrano (Jetée - bureau 226)


  • Alexandra Dubost (Jetée - bureau 218)


  • Georges Berardi (Jetée - bureau 015)

Labo Sociétal

  • Anouchka Bonnardel (Jetée - bureau 137)

Teaching staff

  • Carole Enoch (Maille 1 - bureau 205)
  • Catherine Jazzar (Plot 1 - bureau 102)
  • Cecile Loubet
  • Muriel Roche (Jetée - bureau 111)

Contact us

How can I proceed with it? 

  • Get in touch or schedule a meeting with your social services assistant.
  • The CROUS therapist is regularly available on site and can be reached for an appointment through mesrdv.etudiant.gouv.fr

Reporting a situation

The report has the option to remain anonymous, however, in such a case, it will not be feasible to follow up on it as your information will not be accessible


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