The Group of Écoles Centrale

Founded in December 1990, the Group of Écoles Centrale comprises Centrale Supélec, Centrale Lyon, Centrale Nantes, Centrale Lille, and Centrale Méditerranée, as well as Centrale Beijing, Centrale School of Engineering Mahindra University and Centrale Casablanca.
Amphithéâtre Joule à Centrale Méditerranée

Groupe of Écoles Centrale

The  Group of Écoles Centrale was created in 1990 by bringing together schools from different cultural backgrounds to develop synergies and raise their profile on the international scene.

The main mission of the eight schools is to train multi-disciplinary general engineers and doctors capable of responding innovatively to the challenges facing our society.

Our 8 Écoles Centrales :

By sharing the identical vision of training very high-level general engineers, they are pursuing shared goals: 

  • To synchronize their training and recruitment programs in France and overseas. 
  • To swap significant numbers of 3rd year engineering students, tapping into their complementary abilities. 
  • Coordinate their research policies and highlight their complementary strengths. 
  • Expand their relationships with companies. 
  • Enhance their international relations policies. 
  • Promote the École Centrale concept in France and overseas by elevating its reputation with institutions and the business world. 

The significance of the network


Engineers graduate annually


Permanent professors and researchers


External speakers

12 %

Of research in national education engineering

The Écoles Centrale in France


logo centrale supelec

Centrale Supélec is one of the 207 French engineering schools accredited on 1 September 2017 to award an engineering degree. It was created in 2015 from the merger of Supélec (École supérieure d'électricité, 1894) and École centrale Paris (École centrale des arts et manufactures, 1829), under the joint supervision of the Minister for Industry and the Minister for Higher Education, Research, and Innovation. 

It currently has three campuses: Paris-Saclay, Metz and Rennes.

Centrale Nantes

logo centrale nantes

Centrale Nantes is one of 207 French engineering schools accredited as of 1 September 2017 to award an engineering degree.

Founded in 1919 under the name "Institut polytechnique de l'Ouest", it is in the Nantes Nord district near the Nantes University campus.

Centrale Lyon

logo centrale lyon

Founded in 1857, l’École Centrale de Lyon, is a public higher education institution, with more than 3000 students of 50 different nationalities on its campuses in Écully and Saint-Étienne, where its in-house school, ENISE, is located. General engineers, specialised engineers, masters, and doctoral students benefit from the presence of 6 CNRS-accredited laboratories on both sites.

Thanks to its excellent research and top-level teaching, the school has been able to forge agreements with prestigious universities and cutting-edge partnerships with numerous companies. Focusing on the themes of sobriety, energy, the environment and decarbonisation, Centrale Lyon aims to respond to the problems of socio-economic players in the major transitions.

Centrale Lille

logo centrale lille

Founded in 1854, Centrale Lille is an public scientific, cultural and professional establishment, outside the universities, bringing together four in-house engineering schools: École Centrale de Lille, ENSCL, IG2I and ITEEM. Centrale Lille also offers national Master's degrees, one of which is taught entirely in English, as well as doctoral degrees. It is co-director of 7 research laboratories with the University of Lille, including six joint research units with the CNRS, and several joint teams with Inria Lille - Nord Europe.

Centrale Lille contributes to positioning research and development in the fields of engineering sciences and sciences carried out on the Lille site at the highest international level.

Centrale Lille positions all of its strategy and actions within the framework of a short-term transformation towards a sustainable and responsible global activity in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Écoles Centrale abroad

Centrale Pékin

Created at the request of the Chinese government in 2005, l’École Centrale de Pékin is the first French-speaking Grande Ecole engineering school in China, the result of a close partnership between the Écoles Centrale group (France) and Beihang University (China).

Centrale Mahindra

Founded in September 2013, and inaugurated in August 2014, MEC is a school resulting from a collaboration between the Indian company Tech Mahindra, Centrale Paris and the JNTU University of Hyderabad. The school is based on the project and model of the Groupe des Écoles Centrale in France.

Centrale Casablanca

Founded in 2013, Centrale Casablanca is represented by Geneviève Fioraso, formerly Minister of Higher Education and Research, and the Kingdom of Morocco, represented by the Ministers of Economy and Finance; Higher Education, Executive Training and Scientific Research; and Industry, Trade and New Technologies.

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