A consistent approach outlining a vision of the world and a concept of engineering.
Amphi Joule

Our strategy

We perceive engineering as a conclusive expression of scientific and technical knowledge integrated into an inclusive, dynamic, and multidimensional system.

In keeping with the tradition of the Écoles Centrale, we are of the opinion that engineers should assimilate a broad range of skills developed at the intersection of various disciplines. While it is imperative for engineers to delve deeper into their expertise in a specific field, their distinguishing characteristic lies in their ability to tackle each problem by incorporating all the dimensions that pertain to it: 

  • financial 
  • societal 
  • cultural 
  • legal 
  • ecological 

This broad-mindedness endows Centrale Méditerranée engineers with their distinct expertise; it also forges their acknowledged capacity to coordinate stakeholders and projects, to undertake endeavours, and to foster innovation. 

The archetype of the versatile engineer, often over utilized, assumes its complete significance in this context. 

It is within this framework that we must comprehend not only our institution's educational policy, but also our dedication to research that is defined by excellence and diversity. It is also from a mutually beneficial perspective that our corporate relations policy should be understood.

Our international partnerships are founded on shared ambition and reciprocity

Lastly, our support for our students' community life reflects our commitment to assisting them in expressing their civic responsibility.

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Plan Stratégique 2023 - 2030
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Rapport d'autoévaluation du HCERES Centrale Méditerranée 2022
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