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The Master of Science and Technology in Complex Systems Engineering (MScT CSE) Engineers for Smart Cities offers an advanced multidisciplinary study experience focused on Smart Cities as well as the innovations and business solutions driven by the transition towards more sustainable urban environments.
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A joint degree in Nice

The MScT CSE Engineers for Smart Cities is a joint degree program, co-managed by Université Côté d'Azur and Centrale Mediterranée. Courses take place in Nice, at IMREDD.


Today more than half of the world’s population lives in cities.

And this proportion is expected to further increase by 2050. To manage our cities effectively and sustainably has thus become essential to preserve and optimize resources and improve the well-being of citizens.

In recent years, a new concept of Smart City has emerged to tackle modern cities’ issues and make urban development more sustainable and liveable. Most cities across the world are undergoing this transformation triggered by the ongoing digital transition contributing to innovate urban infrastructures and to provide efficient services to citizens.

The aim of this one-year program in Nice is to explore the interdependence of urban systems and appraise the emerging innovations and business solutions deployed in smart cities. The city of Nice, one of the world’s smartest cities, is a living lab and participants may benefit from the local university-government-industry cooperation powered by Université Côte d’Azur’s Mediterranean Institute for Risks, Environment and Sustainable Development (IMREDD).

This program is designed for graduates and experienced practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds with a common interest in smart cities and innovation. Current participants have diverse academic and professional backgrounds, such as engineering, architecture and urban design, business administration and management, environmental sciences, etc.

The MScT CSE Engineers for Smart Cities equips participants with the necessary skills for current and future jobs related to design, deployment, management, and operation of sustainable urban systems.  It aims to foster professionals capable of developing, implementing and managing innovative projects around the smart city: a sustainable, connected, integrated, attractive, and liveable city.

National Diploma - Master's degree accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education.

Joint degree with Université Côte d'Azur

From the academic year 2023-2024, the MSc Engineers for Smart Cities becomes a track of the Master of Science & Technology in Complex Systems Engineering, leading to a joint degree program with Université Côte d’Azur’s Mediterranean Institute for Risks, Environment and Sustainable Development (IMREDD), a top-level Institute of Innovation and Partnerships based in Nice, France.

IMREDD’s mission, in connection with industry, is to promote partnership research/transfer actions, to create educational and training programmes and to encourage expertise and innovation in companies in the field of economic development and job creation.
This collaboration is essential for expanding the study program’s scope, providing broader access to internship and job opportunities, as well as fostering academic activities in the region.





Program and admission

To find out more about the program and apply, visit IMREDD’s website.

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