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The campus is situated near our campus in the premium Méridia cluster in Nice.

Here are all the links to assist you in searching for and discovering your future student accommodation.


Housing can be either:

  • In a hall of residence ;
  • in a student residence ;
  • in city accommodation, part of which may be covered by the French social housing allowance called APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement).


The CROUS (Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires) aims to improve living and working conditions for students, and offers a range of services:

  • Reception and information ;
  • accommodation ;
  • catering ;
  • social services ;
  • temporary employment ;
  • cultural activities ;
  • accommodation for foreign students and tourism.

Find out more (university halls of residence in Nice): CROUS website (FR) →

These residences usually offer furnished studio flats with a bathroom and kitchenette.

Contact and location

26 Route de Turin
06300 Nice
Tél : 09 72 59 65 06

Schedule an appointment with the social worker  (FR) →

The central office for university works is the CNOUS:

69 quai d’Orsay
75007 Paris
Tél : 01 44 18 53 00

Further information: CNOUS website (FR) →

Social Housing Allowance (A.L.S.)

Students living in university halls of residence may be entitled to A.L.S.

The application form should be obtained directly from the Caisse de la cité (housing office) of the halls of residence to which they belong. 

Students renting a studio flat or a flat in the city may be entitled to a housing allowance under certain conditions.

The application must be made to the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF):

Address of the CAF in Nice :
47 Avenue de la Marne
06100 Nice

Further information: CAF website (FR) →

Visale scheme

The "Caution locative Étudiante" (Clé), a security deposit for students, has been substituted with the Visale program managed by Action Logement, which functions as a guarantor for applicants.

This complimentary service is extremely simple to request (refer to the Action Logement "tenant brochure" for additional details).

It's important to note that these formalities must be completed prior to signing the rental agreement. Additionally, you have the option to combine this assistance with the Mobili-Jeune initiative available to individuals under the age of 30, whether they are apprentices or participating in work-based training programs within the private sector.

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