Vision, mission, values

The Centrale Méditerranée brand is our common point of reference to guide the way we talk about the school and the Centrale Méditerranée project. It fulfils our requirement for consistency in relation to what unites us. The new identity reflects the brand and supports our messages.
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The Centrale Méditerranée brand

Our brand is built around a fundamental text.

This text expresses our vision of the future of our profession, our mission, our commitments, our key values, and our personality traits. It is there to guide everyone in the way they talk about the École. It guides our external communications strategy, helping us to develop our language, tone, and style... 

Our vision

Mankind confronts unparalleled challenges in an increasingly intricate and interconnected world.

To respond to this, science and technology must be put at the service of the common good.

Organizations therefore need new generations of innovative engineers and managers, open to international cooperation and imbued with a great sense of responsibility.

Our mission
  • Train
  • Research
  • Innovate

To empower our students to become scientific managers who play a key role in the transformation of organizations and the world.

Our values
  • Demanding standards
  • Innovation
  • The search for the common good
  • Openness to others and to the world
Our engagements
  • Train Centrale engineers with a sense of commitment: general engineers of high scientific and technical level, experts in the launch and management of innovative projects with a strong international outlook.
  • Cultivate a pioneering pedagogy and offer each learner the best course combining theory and experience to support them in their transformation.
  • Lead a partnership policy based on ambitious and selective projects (on innovation and accountability criteria) with companies and institutions in the territorial ecosystem.
  • Expand research and its promotion on an international scale and disseminate scientific culture.
  • Fulfil our duty as a public service and base all our actions on three pillars:
    • Spirit of innovation
    • Social and environmental accountability
    • Openness and cooperation.

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