Opportunities for international students

Are you interested in pursuing engineering studies in France at a prestigious engineering school, known as a Grande École?

To participate in our programs, you must be selected by your home university and have a strong command of the French language (a recommended B2 level).

There are various options to choose from, whether you prefer a degree program or a non-degree program.
Étudiants de la formation internationale

Study at Centrale Méditerranée

Centrale Méditerranée boasts a diverse student body, with 20% of students coming from around the world.

By choosing to study at our institution, you will join the ranks of many international students who come here every year, just as our engineering students also spend time studying abroad.

To be eligible for our programs, you must be selected by your home university.

There are multiple training options available to you, depending on whether you wish to pursue a degree or a non-degree program.

Double degree

After starting their studies at their home universities, students from the partner institutions spend 2 years at Centrale Méditerranée.

They subsequently return to their home countries to finalize their studies and acquire degrees from both institutions.

The admission process for international students who wish to participate in the exchange program can be done through a single address: international@centrale-med.fr

One or two semesters of exchange

An exchange period of either a semester or a year allows students from partner institutions the opportunity to enrol in Master's level courses (S8, S9 - S10) at Centrale Méditerranée (during their final year before obtaining their engineering degree).

During the 8th semester (Master 1, 2nd semester), students are required to pursue a thematic pathway. These courses focus on the significant challenges that society will face in the future. They incorporate scientific instruction from a multidisciplinary standpoint, alongside considerations from the field of social sciences (ethics, geopolitics, etc.).

Master’s and doctoral programmes

Research projects or dissertations can also be undertaken by international students from partner universities at our institution, lasting for a duration of 4 to 6 months. These students work within one of the research laboratories of the school.

Centrale Méditerranée offers various Masters and doctorate programs that provide a combination of advanced theoretical training and recognized professional skills, available in both English and French.

The Erasmus-Mundus Masters, such as the Master of Science in Europhotonics and WAVES, have been acknowledged for their excellence and quality by the European Union.

The research institutes laboratories are also open to international students.

Course content

For a comprehensive overview of the course content, please visit the Wiki (FR) →.

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