Scientific Cooperation

Centrale Méditerranée is situated at the core of numerous scientific partnerships that are both abundant and diverse in nature.
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Setting up CIFRE doctoral contracts

Every year, Centrale Méditerranée welcomes and supervises doctoral students in collaboration with French companies through the CIFRE program (Industrial Research Training Agreements).

This program aims to enhance the exchange between public research laboratories and the socio-economic realm, promote the employment of doctoral students in companies, and contribute to the innovation process of companies operating in France.

Through this program, companies receive financial assistance to hire a young doctoral student who conducts research under the supervision of a public research laboratory, ultimately leading to the submission of a thesis. This process facilitates the innovation of French companies, enhances their competitiveness, and contributes to the employment of doctoral students.

The CIFRE program is fully funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, with its implementation entrusted to the National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT). 

Engaging in research contracts

Centrale Méditerranée promotes research collaborations between academic research laboratories and/or companies through various formats:

  • Collaboration in a simple joint research program.
  • Co-supervision of doctoral theses.
  • Participation in consortia as part of public research funding (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, Horizon Europe).

Founding chairs

The founding chairs strive to cultivate excellence in research and/or teaching in cutting-edge and innovative areas. They serve as a long-term investment and promote a mutually beneficial collaboration between the scientific, industrial, and training sectors. Centrale Méditerranée also actively participates in multiple Labcom projects.

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Daring shared laboratories

Through these laboratories, Centrale Méditerranée contributes to the scientific life of the Aix-Marseille site and the development of research for existing or newly created companies (start-ups).

The laboratories participate in the training of engineering students and can host them for projects.

With the CNRS and Aix-Marseille University, the Ecole shares the supervision of several research units in which most of its teaching staff work.

Co-tutored units

Other partner laboratories

Technology transfer

SATT SUD-EST is an organization created by merging the knowledge exchange activities of the universities of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Corsica, Centrale Méditerranée, CNRS. and INSERM.

It possesses a fund of €78 million. Collectively, these stakeholders embody the region's exceptional research capabilities, comprising a potential of over 6,000 permanent researchers and a €600 million research and development (R&D) budget.

The SATT participates in the complete chain of knowledge exchange, which includes: 

  • Raising awareness among researchers ;
  • identification of ground-breaking projects and declaration of inventions ;
  • assess the potential for patentability ;
  • consecutive stages of development ;
  • promotion ;
  • execution of licenses.

 The primary focus of the SATT is to develop projects from a legal (intellectual property), economic (market), and technological (proof of concept) standpoint. In this model, economic progress through research is accomplished by executing licenses with established companies or by establishing innovative enterprises.

Centrale Innovation

Centrale Innovation, the subsidiary dedicated to innovation of various Écoles Centrale, such as Centrale Méditerranée, functions as a vital link connecting the realms of academic and industrial research, with two primary aims:

To actively contribute to the advancement of research conducted within partner Écoles by implementing: 

  • Collaborative research and development agreements.
  • Comprehensive analysis and measurement services.
  • Proficient consultancy and expertise.
  • Vigilant technology monitoring.

Promoting the spread of knowledge from the educational institutions' laboratories to enterprises, especially small and medium-sized companies, through the employment of approximately ten Transfer engineers within the laboratories and the organization of scientific gatherings


Centrale Innovation is an Executive Board and Supervisory Board company whose main shareholders are Centrale Lyon, Centrale Nantes, and Centrale Méditerranée.

Director of Centrale Innovation : Bénédicte MARTIN

Key figures of Centrale Innovation

1993 January

Creation of Centrale Innovation

2009 April

ECN acquires a stake in Centrale Innovation


Centrale Marseille joins

400 k €



Partnership research projects

5,4 M

Turnover 2010



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