A vibrant community life with the students’ associations

Centrale Méditerranée's reputation is well deserved: its community life is one of the richest there is.

Whether it's sporting, cultural, or festive events, civic involvement, or activities focused on business, finance or innovation, students enjoy an extraordinary variety of opportunities.
Week_end d'intégration

A time dedicated to community life

From special events to club activities, Centrale Méditerranée students enjoy an extraordinary variety of activities. Community life is in the genes of our students.

The École sets aside a specific amount of time in its timetable for associative life and values the skills acquired through these commitments (thus valuing Centrale involvement).

Concerned about the quality of awareness and prevention to supervise student life, the AnTenne, a listening, guidance, and prevention service, was created in 2021 to provide support and guidance to students who feel the need.

Structuring of associations

The almost 40 groups are categorized into clusters (student life, business, civic duty, culture, innovation, sports, etc.) and have an umbrella organization to advocate for this wide range of groups:  the Union of Associations (FR).

The Union of Associations serves as the primary point of contact for the Ecole's director. It negotiates partnerships that are beneficial for all the associations and provides support to new association teams. It plays a crucial role in the activities of the Centraliens Marseillais.

Student life cluster
  • Bureau Des Élèves
  • International Centrale Marseille
  • Le Petit Centralien
  • Techno-pôle
  • Le Chaudron
  • Le Bar’bu
  • Le Foy’s
Business cluster
Civic duty cluster
Culture cluster
Innovation cluster
Sport cluster

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