The Centrale Engineer

Founded in 1990, the Group of Écoles Centrale consists of Centrale Supélec, Centrale Lille, Centrale Lyon, Centrale Nantes, and Centrale Méditerranée, collaborating closely on an ongoing basis to ensure, in addition to a common entrance examination, a cohesive teaching model, a synchronized international strategy, and mobility between the schools.
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The Centrale Engineer

Écoles Centrale share the same principles, the same assignments, and the same perception of the future. 

The primary assignment of its schools is to educate interdisciplinary general engineers and doctors capable of innovatively addressing the challenges of our society. In France, the Écoles Centrale Group produces over 2,000 engineers every year. It fulfils the standards of academic and research excellence due to the dedication of over 800 permanent teachers and researchers and no fewer than 2,000 external contributors.

The Objectives shared by the Group of Écoles Centrale are as follows:

  • A pedagogical approach grounded in a set of five abilities as a fundamental basis.
  • Standardization of training programs and recruitment, both in France and abroad.
  • Exchange programs for third-year engineering students (Master level).
  • Coordination of research policies, and affirmation of complementarities.
  • Development of relationships with companies and international cooperation.
  • Promotion of the École Centrale concept, both in France and abroad, by enhancing its reputation with institutions and the business community.

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The 5 skills of the Centrale engineer

At Centrale Méditerranée, our approach to this shared reference framework is unique.

Designed to reflect our dedication to accountable transformation, it is put into practice throughout the curriculum via level-by-level evaluations, directly integrated into the OpenBadge Passport platform.

Starting from the first year, you can showcase the acquisition of your Centralian abilities on your CV, LinkedIn profile, etc.

Strategic vision
  • Anticipating and committing
  • Giving meaning
  • Building and sustaining
Programme management
  • Designing a project, a programme
  • Steering and managing
  • Closing and capitalizing on feedback
Ethical and responsible management
  • Knowing yourself, building yourself
  • Generating individual and collective performance
  • Managing change within your organisation
  • Bringing out
  • Daring
  • Realizing and creating value
  • Representing and et modelling
  • Solving and arbitrating
  • Thinking and acting in an unpredictable and uncertain environment

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