Grants and financial aid

To ensure that no engineering student is penalised for financial reasons, there is a wide range of financial aid available.
Élèves de Centrale Méditerranée

Financial aid

Currently, all French students can acquire, depending on their family circumstances:

  • A nationwide advanced education allocation (BCS) provided by the Rectorat.
  • A regional advanced education allocation provided by specific Conseils Départementaux (application to be obtained from the town hall (Mairie) of the family's place of residence).
  • A honorary loan granted by the Rectorat. 
  • A travel allocation (depending on the country of destination) from the Rectorat.
  • A mobility allocation from the Ministry of Education. 

How to apply

The DSE (student social file)

You only need to apply for an allocation and/or housing in university residences once: the student social file.

Log in to the dedicated portal between 15th January and 15th May each year for the commencement of the subsequent academic year. 
After this date, the allocation application will be assessed and processed, but the allocation payment may be delayed.

Renewing the application: you must apply to renew your allocation annually, as it is not automatically extended. Enrolling at university: it is only after you have enrolled at university that you will receive a response to your application. 

You may contact the National Centre for University and School Works (CNOUS).

Other sources of funding

Other grants and loans exist and are granted state-guaranteed student loans, with no deposit or means test, are offered by banks (Société Générale, Crédit Mutuel, CIC, Banques Populaires and Caisses d'Epargne).

Erasmus+ allowance

The Erasmus + grant is awarded to students who spend part of their studies in Europe as part of an inter-institutional exchange programme and can be combined with the BCS grant.

International Mobility Grant

The international mobility grant, worth €400 per month, is a supplement paid to BCS scholarship holders for study periods abroad of between 2 and 9 consecutive months.

It is available from the school's international relations department located on 1st floor of "La Jetée" on Marseille campus.

Centrale Marseille Alumni

To help you complete your studies at Centrale Méditerranée in the best possible conditions, the Centrale Méditerranée Alumni Association has entered a partnership with Crédit Agricole Alpes-Provence.

This gives you access to bank loans on very interesting terms.

If you are interested, please contact the association as soon as you are sure you will be able to join Centrale Méditerranée: secretariat@centraliens-marseille.f

Financial aid Foundation

All the information on the Foundation's financial aid application campaigns is available at the following address:

The usual procedure for applying is as follows, according to the annual agenda:

  • Complete an application form for financial aid from the Foundation Centrale Méditerranée.
  • Send the application form duly completed and signed, enclosing supporting documents to
  • The results of the selection committee meeting in December will be communicated to applicants in the following days.
  • The Foundation of France will pay the grants to the beneficiaries within approximately five weeks.

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