A unique rhythm, integrative work-study training

Centrale Méditerranée is the only school in France to train its future engineers on a work-study basis, from the first year and for everyone. Unique in its kind, this integrative sandwich course guarantees the student all-round enrichment thanks to the combination of scientific and professional aspects.
All engineering students benefit from experiential teaching which aims to gradually discover professional environments and its methods, in a collaborative context.

Four work-study options are available.
Altrenance intégrative

The same pace for all, a different path for each

During the Time 1, all students follow an alternating timetable:

  • 4 weeks of academic teaching
  • 1 week of professional activities

This timetable is based on the principle of an integrative work-study course, with the aim of mutually enriching the scientific and professional aspects.

Work-study programme

Centrale Méditerranée offers the exceptional opportunity for engineering students to complete their studies as part of a work-study programme of the company. By signing an apprenticeship or professionalisation contract, the student becomes an employee of the company, in which he benefits from professional immersion during the work-study weeks. As an apprentice, you are exempt from paying engineering tuition fees, and your salary will increase over the three years of your training.

Our many partners in fields as diverse as aeronautics, the environment, nuclear power, and defence enable us to collect many offers available to our students. However, there is no obligation to sign a contract with a partner company. Each student is free to look for the offer that suits them best. In all cases, from the moment they join the École, a process of maturation of the work-study project is offered by our services, to support students interested in learning in their job search and the realization of their business integration project.

The integrative work-study schedule enables the student apprentice to participate fully in the life of his class and the École. Supervised by an apprenticeship master within his company, the apprentice develops professional experience and skills: real competitive advantages when hiring after graduation.

Work-study program under student status

Train'Ing path

The Train'Ing work-study programme enables students to acquire managerial and professional skills, as well as scientific and cultural exposure. It is based on active teaching, geared towards the acquisition of skills, and learning by doing. It takes place between academic times, with personalised support for each student.

Among the workshops available for participation, are:

  • Scientific integration activities
  • Conferences, trade fairs, “culture and society” workshops
  • Soft Skills workshops (design thinking, innovation, team management...)
  • Tailored support
  • Meetings and company visits

Research path

The research work-study program allows the student to join one of the École’s laboratories. Students who choose this option discover the world of research. For one week out of every five, they work in one of the École’s laboratories, and delve into the heart of contemporary issues in scientific research. The research work-study program can be extended, in other forms, until the end of the course.

Entrepreneurship path

The entrepreneurship work-study program is dedicated to those who wish to develop an innovative and/or start-up project. It allows you to fully invest in pursuing an idea, in an environment conducive to innovation and business creation, under agreement with the École and an entrepreneurship tutor. 

A space has been completely renovated and fitted out to accommodate our work-study entrepreneurs.

This pre-incubator – “Le Deck” - has several work areas:

  • Creativity room ; 
  • offices ;
  • open space ;
  • access to an inspiring outdoor space, with a view of the Étoile Massif.

The space will soon be directly linked to the Marseille Creativity Centre and its Learning Lab.

100 %

students are on work-study schedules

Work-study program

Claire Deray

Apprentice engineer
Maintenance method at MBDA

“Thanks to this rhythm, one week per month, modeled on the alternating rhythm for all students, I remain very involved in Centrale life and particularly in associative life.”


Research path

Dylan Sayarath

Research assistant at AMSE
Research subject "The integration of refugees in Marseille"

"This experience allowed me to improve my listening skills, my communication skills, but also my sense of purpose because you quickly have to be proactive."


Entrepreneurship path

Chloé Descombes

Entrepreneurial project: Design of lifelines to secure sailboats.

"We have a space dedicated to work-study entrepreneurship, which allows us to discuss our projects. We also have a coach for each person. [...]
I wanted to challenge myself and do this form of work-study program to be able to create a business at the end of my diploma. [...]
Market study, drawing, modeling, meeting with experts.... It's really interesting because I see my project moving forward."


Train'Ing path

Soline De Miribel

A specificity of Centrale Méditerranée which allows you to acquire central skills via active teaching methods.

“This work-study program allows me to take the time to discover different areas, and better develop my orientation."


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