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What does it mean to be a Centralien, and how does it differ from other engineers?

Centrale engineers stand out due to the variety of their knowledge and their conceptual (more scientific than technical) and managerial approach. Their extensive scientific education spans a broad range of disciplines.

Ultimately, Centrale engineers are recognized for their managerial abilities, which are shaped by the human and social sciences, as well as their comprehension of the significant ecological, economic, and social challenges of our era.

At Centrale, we educate scientist-managers who can thrive in a complex environment.

How do students get selected for inter-Centrale mobility?

Applications can be submitted for students who want to study at one of the other Écoles Centrale  in the 3rd year, but only if their speciality is not taught in Marseille. The École then chooses which applications to accept.

The selection process favours the best applications.

How do double degrees work? Do you need solid results?

About 1/4 of 3rd year students choose to pursue a double degree in one of our 100 partner universities abroad.

However, gaining access to an international double degree is not guaranteed.

The better your academic record, the higher your chances of being accepted into prestigious universities and achieving the specialization you desire.

What are Train'Ing weeks?

In the first year, our teaching model follows an alternating rhythm, where students alternate between spending one week out of four in a company and one week of active teaching.

The active teaching weeks are focused on acquiring professional skills such as design thinking workshops, emotional intelligence, project teamwork, and company visits. These weeks are known as Train'Ing weeks.

Is it easy to find a company as a work-study student when you leave the preparatory course?

The work-study program, or apprenticeship, at Centrale Méditerranée is unique in its design and structure. Work-study students follow the same courses, obtain the same diploma, and are fully integrated into the class and community life.

Thanks to the École's numerous partnerships with companies, we can collect many apprenticeships offers before the start of the academic year. All you must do is choose what motivates and interests you the most.

Employers understand that as a student from a preparatory class, you may not have extensive professional experience. Many of our apprentices never anticipated becoming apprentices when they joined Centrale Méditerranée.

Can I specialize in aerospace at Centrale Méditerranée?

While Centrale Méditerranée is a generalist school, it provides access to a high level of expertise in various fields. The more specific your career plans are, the easier it will be to tailor your path accordingly.

Through building projects in small groups, choosing specific options, studying subjects in-depth during the final year, participating in placements, and pursuing a double degree, you will develop knowledge and skills that align with your aspirations and build the foundation of your professional network.

Therefore, it is completely possible to work in the aerospace industry, as many graduates do every year. Additionally, there is a fantastic laboratory, the LAM (Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory), located just a short distance from the school, where you could potentially undertake a research placement.

All in all, all doors are open!

Is sport compulsory? What facilities are available for sporting activities?

Yes, sport is compulsory at Centrale Méditerranée. More specifically, "Sports and Artistic Physical Activities". We attach a great deal of importance to sport, which provides our students with both mental and physical balance, and often with skills that are useful in everyday and professional life.

We have strengthened our artistic activities, with a partnership with the École des Beaux-Arts de Marseille and the provision of a hall dedicated to artistic and plastic creation.

Finally, thanks to the new gymnasium, you'll be able to take full advantage of this new facility.

Is Chemistry mandatory at Centrale Méditerranée?

Centrale Méditerranée is a school that was created by combining 4 engineering schools, one of which is a chemistry school. Thus, it is the only Centrale that offers a wide range of opportunities in this field, with highly qualified teaching and research staff as well as advanced platforms.

However, the subject of 'chemistry' is only compulsory for the first semester of the first year, which amounts to 96 hours of instruction. The teaching is well-suited for students who have not studied chemistry in preparatory classes.

At Centrale Méditerranée, students gradually develop their projects and gain exposure to various disciplines, learning how to integrate them effectively. It is worth mentioning that this discipline has one of the most balanced male/female ratios among general engineering schools! 

How secure is Marseille?

Living in a metropolitan area means taking certain precautions. Marseille has its own unique characteristics, and our students are aware of them and adapt accordingly.

There are no more issues here than in any other city. Moreover, this city offers an exceptional living environment that is culturally vibrant and provides easy access to natural beauty, making Marseille one of the top student cities in France.

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